Jamaica Interest Rates

Jamaica is located in North American geographic region, south of Cuba and east of Mexico. It has a population of 2.8 Million (Est 2010) and its economy ranks 112th in the world. It has a GDP PPP of 24.75 billion and GDP PPP per capita of 9,029 vs 48,387 (United States) according to the IMF in 2011. The Jamaican national currency is the Jamaican Dollar (JMD). Within Jamaica banks provide savings products such as savings accounts as well as fixed interest deposit product called a 'Certificate of Deposit' or 'Fixed Deposit'. According to the CIA.gov website its inflation was estimated to 7.7% in 2011 and 12.6% in 2010.

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Jamaica Banks

Showing rates for 6 Bank deposit providers in Jamaica.
Bank Branch Founded Ownership
National Commercial Bank Jamaica National Commercial Bank Jamaica 36 1977 Local
Scotiabank Jamaica Scotiabank Jamaica 35 1889 Foreign
FirstCaribbean International Bank Jamaica FirstCaribbean International Bank Jamaica 13 1920 Local
RBC Royal Bank Jamaica RBC Royal Bank Jamaica 13 Foreign
First Global Bank First Global Bank 7 1970 N/A
Citibank Jamaica Citibank Jamaica 2 1960 Foreign

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